Us in our neighborhood

Wir im Quartier (WiQ) -  نحن في الحي  - Nous dans le quartier


Why WiQ?
Together we shape our neighborhood!


The best solutions evolve when several social groups pull together. WiQ (short for ’Wir im Quartier’ which can be translated to ’Us in our neighborhood‘) is a civic network in which people from different backgrounds participate in creating their neighborhood according to their interests and take responsibility for it.

People identify social challenges or problems in their environment. Some already contribute initial ideas for solutions and receive the best possible support from people from the civil society, administration and politics in the further development and implementation of their ideas.

And this is how it works:

Good solutions need all of us: craftsmen, students, people from the offices, at the cash register, from industry, school and kindergarten, people without work, people with disabilities, etc..


You have an idea and want to start a solution team?

Send us an email with your idea (if possible use this template) to

You would like to join an existing team?  

Since the beginning of 2020, several teams are already engaged with different solutions for their neighborhood.
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You would like to get to know WiQ at a glance?

Here's the flyer - is in your download area after the click.
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You would like to participate in the further development of WiQ?  

Drop us an email at

Wir im Quartier (WiQ) hat 2020 als Pilot für transformative Stadtteilarbeit im Leipziger Westen begonnen – erfahren Sie mehr: